Choose the correct accommodation option that suits your need and budget. There are ample of options for international students to choose their accommodation.
Homestay allows international students to stay in an Australian family in their home as it a great way to be a part of their cultural lifestyle. Most of the students choose homestay option when they 1st arrive in Australia as it provides them an opportunity to discover their surrounding areas. Shared or single rooms are available, cost may differently depend on room type.All the homestay families are verified by institution before they allow students to accommodate. Most of the institution try to match their students with the families based on their preferences as specified by the students.
Such as bathroom, living room and kitchen is shared by entire family and other students. They are provided with a room and some meals. If you're interested in a homestay arrangement contact your school counsellor as asap as they will be able to assist you and it takes time to organize homestay arrangement.
Many students choose this option as it gives them a freedom to explore new cities and provides greater freedom than homestay. Students can rent a room alone for themselves or with another person. In a shared apartment student will divide bills such as electricity and internet.
It is not possible to include the bill in the apartment rent. Advantage of shared accommodation is that they are not locked into any specified length of contract.
Rental Apartment
Most of the student choose to share cost of rental apartments with several other housemates. students who choose this type of housing may bring their own furniture or move into a pre-established house. As rental house is rarely furnished. Any students planning to stay in Australia for more than 6 months can choose this option.
One of the major problems for renting an apartment is that the students is entitled to an agreement for the term of 6 months, but all rental leases require to put down security deposit or bond on the commencement of lease.
Majority of the institution offer campus living. Prices and accommodation availability may vary depending on the institution or universities, so international students can contact their respective institution or universities prior to their arrival in Australia.
Students are placed in a fully furnished shared house or apartment with other students and the price of internet and electricity are included.
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