Education Pathway

Education Pathway
If you're concerned about satisfying the entry criteria for your desired course in Australia, we're here to reassure you that you don't have to! At all certification stages, there are a variety of pathway choices available to help you quickly make your way up the qualification ladder. . This may include attending an Australian academy, taking English language classes, or enrolling in a technical education and training programme.
Planning and adhering to an educational pathway can help to streamline your study schedule. A Foundation course will help you achieve your objectives more quickly.
Benefits of Education Pathway:
A pathway is a subtly different route to the course you choose to take, encouraging you to follow your dream course even though you don't meet the entrance criteria at first. You may also choose to start your studies at a lower level to gain experience before moving on to higher education, or simply to see if the area you've selected is right for you. In certain circumstances, you might be granted credit for previous studies after you begin your degree programme. This is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), and it may imply that you complete the course at the same time as students who were accepted directly.
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