Important Information For Students in Australia

Important Information For Students in Australia
Every year Australia welcomes countless international students to its reputed institution for higher studies. Some student stays only for their semester and others for an entire academic year.The duration doesn't matter as studying in Australia gives you chance to know more about their work ethics and cultural environment.
Arrangements for stay in Australia while studying.
Book your stay in prior arriving to Australia. Your great resource in finding an appropriate accommodation is your host university, they can even help you in matching you with a roommate or roommates.
Housing in Australia can be highly competitive and expensive. Housing options among international students are host families, campus residence hall and rental flats.
To be on a safer side book a short-term accommodation before your arrival. Being an international student, you'll not only receive valuable education, but it also has an opportunity to immerse yourself in their lifestyle.
There are several steps you need to take once you arrive in Australia and have place to stay.
Open a bank account shortly once you arrive, consider working part time during your stay in Australia. Non-resident with a student's visa are permitted to work up 20 hours per week. Australia metro cities also offer plenty of public transportation via trains, buses, trams and ferries or you can rent a vehicle. Non- resident may require an international driver's license, which allows level driving on roads, but its validation is up to 3 months. If your stay exceeds, you can consider getting an Australian driver's license.
Host university will conduct a new student orientation program. Make sure you arrive in Australia in time for orientation, which is conducted prior to the semester start. Since it will be a valuable guidance.
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