Income Source & Living Cost

Income Source & Living Cost
Income and Expenses are side-by-side going factors that hold a broad impact on your living standard. In order to commemorate with the basic expenses of accommodation, you need to procure a sound financial support system that can fuel your dream while selecting your most-admired education institution. Australia has an outstanding higher education system and our team make all the possible efforts to select the best and most appropriate institution that resembles your objective out of the list of directories. Along with that, we primarily focus on the experience of the student and their outcomes of graduation to plan for prospective offerings with an objective of customer complacent.
At Victory Group, we work round the clock and offer 24*7 support services so you can well manage the Income level as well as bars of expenses to live a happier life with immigration. However, we also endeavor to cover the scholarships that often based on your skill assessment and brings the best institution to your place. This will create a significant impact on your career planning and ladders to success. Along with that, if you are a wizard entrepreneur and thinking of expanding the international horizontal, then it is essential to discuss the corner points of income and expenses for a reasonable outcome.
We provide a re-engineering approach that comes with an integration of practical as well as theoretical knowledge which acts as a strong support system in a fast-changing world. Thus, book an appointment now to build the business and explore the education strength in consideration to incomes and expense bar.

Earning & Spending

Study Expenses
The cost of studying in Australia depends on the universities and the level of study you choose. Listing below is the indication of the course costs for different types of qualifications.
Qualifications Fee(In AUD/year)
School A$7,800 to A$30,000
Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) A$4,000 to A$22,000
English language studies Approximate A$300 per week depending on course length
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree A$15,000 to A$33,000
Postgraduate Master’s Degree A$20,000 to A$37,000
Doctoral Degree A$14,000 to A$37,000

Living Expenses

The minimum cost of living required by the Department of Home Affairs to issue a student visa is $18,610. This includes;
First Child A$3,720/year
Second Child A$2,790/Year
Dependents A$6,515/year
Hostels and guesthouses A$80 to A$135 a week
Shared rentals and On-Campus Accommodation A$80 to A$135 a week
Homestay A$110 to A$270 a week
Homestay A$110 to A$270 a week
Return Air Travel A$2,000/head
Groceries A$80 to A$200
Utility Bills (Electricity and Gas) A$60 to A$100
Phone and Internet A$30 to A$50
Public Transport A$30 to A$50
Entertainment A$50 to A$100
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