English Language Recruitment

English Language Recruitment
You should have adequate skills in the English language to do a job in the maple leaf countries like Australia (not less than at a skilled stage).
Here is a list of the most commonly used Australian visas and their English requirements.
482 TSS Visa Medium and Long Term TSS Visa (482): IELTS 5 (no skill below 5) or equivalent
Short-Term TSS Visa (482) : IELTS overall 5 (no skill below 4.5) or equivalent
ENS 186 visa IELTS 6 in all skills or equivalent
RSMS 187 visa IELTS 6 in all skills or equivalent
Most Skilled Migration visas (189 visa, 190 visa and 491 visa and 494 visa) Competent English (IELTS 6 or equivalent in all skills) [0]
Proficient English (IELTS 7 or equivalent in all skills) [10]
Superior English (IELTS 8 or equivalent in all skills) [20]
The Department of Immigration accepts tests performed up to three years prior to the filing of an application.
Applications requiring practical English must have been tested at least 12 months prior to submission.
The table below provides a list of test score equivalencies for all English language exams approved by the agency.
English Language proficiency level IELTS TOEFL iBT PTE Academic OET Cambridge (CAE)
Vocational 5 Listening & Reading 4.0 36 B 154
Writing & Speaking 14
Competent 6 Listening: 12 Reading: 13 50 B 169
Writing: 21 Speaking: 18
Proficient (for points tested Skilled visas) 7 Listening & Reading: 24 65 B 185
Writing: 27 Speaking: 23
Superior (for points tested Skilled visas) 8 Listening: 28 Reading: 29 79 A 200
Writing: 30 Speaking: 26
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